Africa's Skin Saviour

At the heart of Afari skincare, is Bulbine frutescens, a small indigenous shrub that grows in the dry valleys of southern Africa. This succulent plant contains a gel-like sap in its leaves, which has been used for generations as a remedy for skin injuries due to the soothing, anti-inflammatory effect of the sap.

Just released scientific research has shown the plant has a lot more to offer; the sap has clinically proven benefits in the stimulation of collagen synthesis, a fundamental process in maintaining skin’s healthy, youthful-looking appearance.

Key benefits of Bulbine frutescens:

  • β€’ 100% increase in facial collagen density
  • β€’ 138% improvement of elasticity and firmness on the neck and around the eye area
  • β€’ 74% reduction in wrinkles around the eye area, one hour after use

Afari sources Bulbine frutescens from an organic farm in rural Limpopo in South Africa, where it is sustainably cultivated by female producers. Each Afari product sold directly benefits the women harvesting the plants.

Meet the harvesters.